All classes at The Lilybank Club are currently CLOSED. We do not have a date when we will be able to reopen … this will only be when it is deemed to do so following government advice.

From Monday 23rd March, we are going to offering hour-long classes on the following days:

* Improvers … Monday - 1900 to 2000

* Intermediates … Monday 2015 to 2115

* Beginners … Tuesday 1900 to 2000

You will need to be a member of Facebook in order to join the classes & let us know in advance you want to attend .

So how will it work?

Firstly, you need to me a member of Facebook … then make sure that you are friends with Gary, and let us know that you want to attend the Online Classes (you can attend more than one - and they are all absolutely FREE) .

You will then be added to a Facebook Group called “The Linedance Club - Online Classes”.

At the start of each class, Gary will then initiate a Facebook Live Video … using either your laptop, tablet or mobile phone, you should open the Live video - and follow the class.

The intention is to do some recaps of the recent dances we did before the classes closed, rather than teaching anything new. There will also be some social dancing as well, so it’s not just lessons.

At the end of the class, the video will be ended by Gary and hopefully (but subject to music copyright restrictions) the video will then be available to watch back if you missed the Live lesson.

Preparing for an Online Class

* Find your dance shoes. While we are dancing at home, it’s still important to support your feet and wear appropriate shoes.

* Get your water, coffee, wine, or other beverages ready - don’t forget to hydrate!

* If you’re using a mobile device such as a tablet or phone, locate your charger and make sure it’s fully charged. Keep it around because you may need to begin charging it throughout the class

* We recommend, if possible, to keep your device plugged in during the class. Also, don’t let it fall asleep on you. Make sure you look through the settings to ensure your phone’s screen will not go blank while you are in the middle of dancing.

* Take breaks! At our in-person class, we typically take “Two Minutes” to ourselves - your body will tell you when to rest, and when it does, please listen to it.

* Clear out some furniture if you need to in order to make sure that you have enough space for you to dance.

Some things to bear in mind:

* As with any internet video technology, there may be buffering or dropouts - apologies in advance.

* Gary will be able to hear you, but not see you

* You can leave the class at any time simply by ending the video call

* We know not all class members are on Facebook, but we feel that this is the simplest way for us to keep dancing with as many of you as we can. The group chat on Facebook Messenger will always be there, so please do feel free to chat & communicate with each other on there - we want everyone to stay in touch, so you can use this for chat any time 24/7

* If you leave the Group Chat, it means you won’t be able to join any future classes as you won’t be part of the group video call. If this happens by mistake, please let Gary know so that you can be re-added

* The classes won’t be recorded, so you will need to take part at the allocated times

* if there are dances that you would like a recap of (don’t say “all of them” ha-ha) then please do just Gary know in the Group Chat

Is is definitely free?

* Absolutely. Although we now have no income from any dance activities (classes, socials etc.) we know that you have all turned up faithfully each week or month & paid your entrance money. So now it is out turn to give something back. Thank you for your support, and hopefully you will stay with us over the coming weeks ahead. Stay safe.

Still need more help?

Click this link to view a document explaining more information about how the classes work.

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