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The Linedance Club is run by Gary & Marie Lafferty, who have been linedancing since the mid-1990’s.

Originally formed in 1997 as “Kentucky Line Dancers”, the level of involvement in the UK linedance scene by Gary & Marie has grown dramatically. At their 10th Anniversary Party in March 2007, the couple officially re-branded their classes & events as “The Linedance Club” to be more reflective of the current UK linedance scene which has diversified greatly from it’s origins of Country music and Country & Western dancing.

They currently run 4 classes each week in the West Of Scotland, as well as monthly socials and weekend events. New dances are taught in a modern contemporary way, to a wide selection of music that will suit all tastes.

Gary travels widely in his role as one of the UK’s top linedance DJ’s & can often be seen at the top events both in the UK & also across Europe.  He is also the proud winner of 4 Crystal Boot Awards, including the first “DJ of The Year” in 2010. More recently, Gary has again won “DJ Of The Year” for 2016, 2017 and 2018!

Choreography is another aspect of the couple’s involvement in linedance, and Gary was the proud recipient of the prestigious “Dance Of The Year” award in February 2006 for his dance All Day Long. Gary & Marie have also choreographed several dances together & the scripts for all their dances (as well as information on booking Gary to teach at an event) can be found on the website


Anyone attending a class, social, or weekend run by The Linedance Club is assured of a warm welcome and a great time.


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